We represent you also in all matters dealing with the authorities and offices as well as other public and private institutions and perform all acts in your name. We manage everything for you and relieve you of these works.



  • Various formalities at the town hall
  • Extrajudicial arrangements
  • Notary Accompaniment
  • Examination and making of contracts
  • Application of Residencia/N.I.E.
  • Application of the SIP card (health insurance card)
  • Application of the Residencia Fiscal (NEW!)
  • Registration at the registration office
  • Extract from the land register (nota simple)
  • Car registration and transfer
  • Help with buying and selling of property
  • Registration of water and electricity
  • Filling out of administrative forms
  • Representation in all matters
  • Tax and legal advice
  • Help with inheritance matters
  • Wills and trusts contracts of inheritance
  • Powers of attorney and patient decree
  • Tax return for residents and non-residents Modelo 210
  • Transport service to the hospital o medical centre
  • Habitability certification (NEW!)
  • Energy certificate (NEW!)
  • Property management, renting, selling (NEW!)
  • Airport transfer (bring and pick-up service to the airport)
  • All kind of insurances in English etc. 




We do telephone calls according to your instructions andaccept phone calls for you. In addition, we manage for you any kind of correspondenceand appointments with doctors, lawyers, authorities or other institutions.