All Our Services From A - T

Here you will find an overview of all services - from A for advice to T for translation service



We offer first-class advice and solutions for your individual situation. We would be happy to advise you personally in our office, at your home or via telephone, video or email.




Nobody likes going to the authorities. We take care of all possible administrative procedures and save your time.



If you buy a second hand car that was already registered in Spain, you have to register it as part of a change of ownership. We will take care of the registration for you at the traffic office and register the car in your name.



By law, you have to register and pay taxes where you habitually live. If you are in Spain more than 6 month (185 days), you must re-register the car you brought with you at the responsible traffic  office.


(cédula de habitabilidad)


Is the proof that a building destinated for residential purposes meets the minimum requirements for size, tecnical connections and sanitary facilities. Water or electricity can only be registered/                                                                  re-registered if you have this certificate.



Would you like to know whether a contract is appropiate and legally correct? We check complex contracts and identify unfavorable clauses. We can formulate contract for you (purchase agreement, rentañ agreement etc.) in a legally effective manner                                                                   and proof them for their legallity.


(certificado digital)


Thanks to the digital certificate (certificado digital), almost all official matters can be handled online via Internet without having to go the the relevant authority in person.



Giving with warm hand. The early transfer of assets offers the possibility to pass large assets to family members during your lifetime. Donations are subject to specific legal and tax regulations in Spain that require thorough examination.




If you live permanently in Spain you have to change your driving licence for a spanish one. We take care of all the paperwork for you.

Energy Certificate

(certificado de eficiencia energética)


Since 2014, all properties that are sold or newly rented have been required to show an energy certificate.


(Nota Simple)


A property register extract is one of the most important documents and indispensable before any property purchase. There is shown the ownership structure, size of the property, all rights and possible debts or other encumbrances.



To avoid double taxation, there exist different double taxation agreements between Spain and foreign countries. The "Tax Residency Certificate" is a document confirming that you are a tax resident in Spain and pay your taxes here.




Inheritance law is complicated and often only understandable by experts. If the inheritance is due abroad, things become even more complicated, as each country has different inheritance law regulations. As experts, we take

                                                                        care of the complete handling of all tax and legal formalities                                                                          for your estate in Spain.

LAST WILL (bilingual)


Unfortunately, most people still think about their own estate planning late or not at all. Often there is not a will of the deceased. If you die, your heirs will also have to deal with all the paperwork. Make their work easier and leave you with an organized estate  instead of a huge construction site. All                                                                                  conceivable problems can be easily avoided thanks to a will.

NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjero)


The NIE is your identification number and also your tax number in Spain. You want to buy a property, open a bank      account, start a business or register a car, nothing works                                                                                without the NIE.




Any non-resident who owns a property in Spain is obliged to pay a second home tax (Impuesto sobre la Renta de no Residentes), even if they do not generate any income from the property. If you rent out your property, you have to pay                                                                            tax on the income quarterly.



With an out-of-court settlement you often avoid financial, time and psychological stress and end a dispute quickly and unbureaucratically and create legal peace.



Many people believe that they do not need a living will. If something happens to them, the family can make medical decisions on their behalf- this is a mistake! If you haven´t decided on your treatment wishes, the medicals decide and they rarely correspond to your wishes. 



Before applying for a pension, it is generally necessary to clarify your accounts with your country/ spanish pension insurance. wich will clarify how long you have actually been paying constributions to the pension insurance. We will help you with the application and forward your documents to the                                                                          foreign/spanish pension insurance provider.





Many people assume that close relatives (e.g. spouses or children) are automatically legally authorized to act. However, this assumtion is wrong. With a so- called general power of attorney, the authorized representative can act comprehensively on your behalf in the event of a serious                                                                                illness, i.e. if you are no longer able to do so yourself.

                                                                        Therefore, a power of attorney is also highly recommended

                                                                        for family members.



A property register entry becomes relevant when it comes to purchasing a property. With the registration the property officially changes hands. Also if you make serious changes to your property, an entry in the property register is necessary.



Do you want to buy or sell a property? We offer professional advice and competent handling of all legal and tax formalities. We look after you from the start and accompany you through to the full completion.



Legally, you are obliged to register in the Central EU Register of Foreigners (gren residency card) after just 3 months of staying in Spain. If you are here for more than 183 days you must pay tax on your entire world income and assets in Spain (tax resident).



To be able to claim the benefits of the public health insurance in Spain, you have to register with the spanish health insurance company. The SIP card is the spanish health insurance card.




Residents pay taxes on all income in Spain. Pensioners are also subject to unlimited tax liability and must submit a corresponding tax return once a year (modelo 100).



Non-residents in Spain must definitely appoint a tax representative when buying or selling property. Basicly, non-residents who own real estate should always have a tax representative in Spain to avoid important deliveries from the spanish tax office with deadlines being left unaccounted for

in their mailbox while they are away.  An absence does not

                                                                       render the deliveries ineffective.



We not only offer simple translations, but also certified translations, and translate all types of texts quickly and reliably into the respective language. Whereever you have communication problems, we help you with a personal interpreter who will accompany you and translate for you on site.